The Priestess

January 30, 2009


Saying that women are all but missing from the most of ecclesiastical positions,  would be stating the obvious. No, there are no females among the clergy. There are some changes taking place in certain protestant churches to allow female priests as well;  but the patriarchal institutions, such as Roman Catholic Church, or Orthodox Church, not to mention Islam, by their own essence and structure would not have women. Their very foundation simply is not built for that.

Having said that, I want to stay faithful to the motto of this blog, “To unite the opposites” and invoke the Divine Feminine in the psyche, through the use of imagery. We were divorced from the worship of the Divine Feminine, and as I  have stated in my previous post, we should find our way back to Her, otherwise we are doomed.

Surely, there were priestesses in matriarchal times, there were underground priestesses in Middle Ages and in the hardest times of the Witchhunt.

My point is that to find our way back to the Divine Feminine, we need to awaken the Priestess in our psyche. The Priestess is also an archetype, laying dormant and undisturbed in the depth of our unconscious.  The modern woman has to claim her right as a Priestess, and not necessarily in outwardly form,but mostly by understanding  the Divine Feminine, intrinsic to her very nature.  I could not express it more beautifully, than it was already done by Moina McGregor-Mathers, already 109 years ago in an article called “Isis Worship in Paris” by Frederic Lees, in the magazine The Humanitarian. Februrary 1900. Vol XVI. No.2. New Yor:

“The idea of the Priestess is at the root of all ancient beliefs”, she said, on one occasion. “Only in our ephemeral time has it been neglected. Even in the Old Testament we find the Priestess Deborah, and the New Testament tells us of the Prophetess Anne. What do we find in the modern development of religion to replace the feminine idea, and consequently the Priestess? When a religion symbolises the universe by a Divine Being, is it not illogical to omit woman, who is the principal half of it, since she is the principal creator of the other half – that is, man? How can we hope that the world will become purer and less material when one excludes from the Divine, which is the highest ideal, that part of its nature which represents at one and the same time the faculty of receiving and that of giving – that is to say, love itself in its highest form – love the symbol of universal sympathy? That is where the magical power of woman is found. She finds her force in her alliance with the sympathetic energies of Nature. And what is Nature if it is not an assemblage of thoughts clothed with matter and ideas which seek to materialise themselves? What is this eternal attraction between ideas and matter? It is the secret of life. Have you ever realised that there does not exist a single flame without a special intelligence which animates it, or a single grain of sand to which an idea is not attached, the idea that formed it? It is these intelligent ideas which are the elementals, or spirits of Nature. Woman is the magician born of Nature by reason of her great natural sensibility, and of her instructive sympathy with such subtle energies as these intelligent inhabitants of the air, the earth, the fire and water.”


“All about Eve”

January 28, 2009

I would like to begin with the series of my works dedicated to the Divine Feminine, the current that is so much missing in the psyche of today’s civilization.

This is my attempt to unite the opposites,  not to oppose them. If I antagonize “male” and “female”, what I will accomplish is only more opposition. My message is to men and women alike who wish to awaken to a new type of consciousness.  I put a strong emphasis on the word “awaken” because we are all deep asleep… being born, going to school, going to work, going on vacation, family, kids, old age, death… is that ALL there IS?! is there a meaning to all of this? What are we doing to our God(dess) -given right, to come to this world to be happy and co-create with him/her? What about the desires of our unique souls? What about the realizations of our talents? I think for the last 2000 years most of the humanity in the Western civilization was in a nightmarish slumber… Otherwise I have no explanation for all the mad things that had happened, all the wars, and crimes against each other. I am not arguing that wars did not happen before, but they certainly intensified with a reign of male dominated culture and religion. When the Goddess was forgotten, as she was in most prevailing modern religions, we gradually reached the point where we are today – with the environmental problems, overpopulation, wars, natural cataclysms… The reason for this is the hierarchical patriarchal structure of the society. Yes, the world is leaning too much on the masculine side and certainly there is an imbalance. Nature always tends to balance out the irregularities… so though the woman and the Goddess were not publicly acknowledged,  Mother! Nature and Mother Earth reminded of themselves in the form of natural catastrophes, to which ultimately, people themselves were the cause.

Though the Goddess was forgotten, and women were oppressed, silenced and locked in the kitchen, the Divine Feminine did not disappear from the psyche of the people. She remained as an archetype, or series of different archetypes, pressed deeply into the unconscious mind.

According to Gustav Jung, archetypes are patterns, intrinsic to the psyche of humans.  Humans don’t have an individual unconscious mind, all the unconscious of the universe is one big Universal Unconscious.  Unconscious mind thinks in images, and archetypes are images, and though they are individual for each psyche, in core they have similar patterns. When triggered by outside stimuli they become activated… and you probably may have already guessed, in my case it is the art that is the outside stimuli. I am not pretending to say, that I sort of set down and consciously thought of this model “Let me just paint some goddesses, and wake up the humanity”. 🙂 No… it was a process for my own psyche, too.  The Divine Feminine within me felt oppressed and wanted out, and I let her, sometimes not knowing what all of this meant myself.  I interpreted some of my pieces only a couple of years later (yes, there is a huge lag sometimes between what soul creates and the conscious mind comprehends). Letting the archetypes out of me to the open really helped me to become more aware and more conscious of my role as a woman, as a creature more physically attuned to the Divine FeminineThe Goddess, of course, does not discriminate between men and women, we are all equal in her eyes and she is in each and every one of us. However, a female by her constitution, is more aligned to her, being able to manifest the same creative powers as the Goddess.

Since it worked so well for my own psyche, and my psyche is connected to the Universal Unconscious, that means what is valid for me is valid for all… It is a beautiful process of transformation that the world is going through right now, and the answer to it is once again the Goddess, awakened in our minds.

You may want to contradict me and say, “What about Mary?” She certainly was invoked many times in million ways in many forms of art. It only proofs my point that images are a powerful propaganda targeting directly at  your subconscious… yes we were bombarded by the images of Mary, images that were of the Divine Feminine, but only of one aspect of her, which is suitable for the patriarchal hierarchical structure, and that is of a tame Virgin and a Mother. How bizarre a combination if you think about it,  but I won’t comment further. I love and believe in Maria, but to me she is not that image that was created over the last two millennia.  There is more to a woman than virginity and ability to procreate. There is certainly more to the Goddess, too… and my art is a quest to discover what that is. Also it is an attempt to understand what is the role of the modern woman… I fall back on the ancient myths, as well as I create the new ones. We all do… I never thought that my art would suddenly become political, social and spiritual at the same time , I painted mostly for the latter one. However, everything comes out of Spirit and the Spirit transcends all levels of reality.  So stay tuned, read and discover together with me all about Eve –  the Goddess and the Woman.